Who says I never post?

So it’s been literally months since my last post.  Yes, I’m aware.  

We’ve been incredibly busy, but I just thought I’d throw up a quick post while Bryan is running to the video store to pick us up a date night movie.  Here goes…

Since my last post we’ve had several big things happen in our lives.

First off, we announced in March that we’re expecting baby #2 in October.  So that’s sort of a big deal, I guess.  

Then May 18th we found out ITS A BOY!  We’re pretty excited and I’ve been celebrating by going to garage sales and picking up tons of super cute baby boy stuff at really good prices.  I really wish someone would have told me about getting baby stuff at garage sales before Addie was born.  That seriously could have saved us like millions of dollars.  And really, garage sales are so much more fun than running to Kohl’s trying to catch a sale price and actually have a coupon in hand that is still good.  Yes, I’m that cheap.  

So far the pregnancy has been pretty uneventful.  Bryan and I actually both guessed he was a boy ahead of time because it has been so much different.  I was a lot sicker in the beginning and for a lot longer, but I have not been tired at all.  With Addie, I remember coming home from work and going straight to bed because I was so worn out.  Thank goodness that happened when I didn’t have a toddler at home because I have no idea how I would have taken care of her and kept up on anything feeling like that now.  

Bryan also bought into the medical practice this Spring.  I can’t actually remember really when that was, but it happened. He’s still working the same schedule and has the same responsibilities.  The only difference is that he’s 1/5th owner of the practice.  I’m sure no one that works at the clinic actually even knows.  It’s all the behind the scenes stuff you never think about.  We’re excited about it though, because it means we’re in this town for the long haul, which we’re both very excited about.

Not a “big” thing, but a whole bunch of little changes have happened with Addie in the past few months.  We still think it’s a big deal though.  First thing’s first, all of the sudden she started talking.  It was pretty much over the course of a week in March that she started spouting off words we had no idea she could say.  And really, we’d known for a while that she understood what we were saying, because she would complete tasks as directed, but she still was just barely talking.  Somehow between March and now, she’s speaking in full sentences.  

Her first honey, did you just hear that? moment happened over dinner at Monical’s pizza in May.  Addie said, “Here you go Daddy, it’s for you.”  We were both beside ourselves.  Since then she’s been spouting out random phrases and sentences, which we think is pretty fun.  

Our second honey, did you just hear that? moment was two weeks ago at Family Video.  We’d been working on letters at home and Addie had been watching the Leap Frog Letter Factory video more often than I’d ever admit on here.  Bryan was holding Addie and I was picking out the videos.  She kept saying “K” to which Bryan was responding “Okay, what?”  Finally he realized she was pointing to the letter “K” in the word “KIDS” on the wall.  He quickly got my attention and then asked her the other letters.  She was able to identify K, D, and S!  Since then, she’s been identifying letters everywhere.  So far she only can identify the numbers 3 and 6, but she’s counting out loud (while doing fist pumps, which is AWESOME) and is just pretty stinking cute all around.  If it’s not months before my next post, I’ll try to get a video up of some of her letter stuff.  

Alright, Bryan just got home with the movies, so I’m going to have to sign off here.  Thanks for reading… I’ll try to post again soon. 🙂



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18 Months!

Because Addie has changed so much since Christmas, I thought I’d throw a few more pictures on here tonight.



Addie, combing her friend Hazel's "hair."


Addie found her swimmie in the laundry room and insisted on wearing it almost a whole day last week. 🙂

@ dinner tonight. She's been practicing this face for about two weeks now. I'd say she's got it mastered!

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As Promised… Christmas 2011, Part II.

We had a very busy day on Christmas. Bryan was on call but got up super early so he would be done rounding at the hospital early… and he was! We got to my mom’s house in time for a delicious brunch and presents all around. The best part of brunch, is that my mom secretly used egg beaters instead of eggs and everyone was complementing the eggs! I’m sure it won’t be any shock when I tell you that we did a really bad job at taking pictures on Christmas, but we got what we got and we’ll share.

Here’s Addie’s “Christmas Morning” shot. We were at GG’s house and Addie kept looking out the back door.

Outfit compliments of U. Brad and A. Sarah. 🙂

Addie got a really cute Graco set from GG for Christmas which included a high chair, pack and play, and stroller and accessories. Her favorite is definitely the stroller, but she loves them all, really. It cracks me up to see her shoving a doll into the high chair and then pretend feeding them. And the pack n’ play? Not for dolls.

She was offering goldfish to the baby first, then finishing them off herself. 🙂

This was actually a couple days after Christmas but I can’t get over how funny this picture is…

"Sure, GG got me a Christmas present. She made me into a giant."

After we finished up at GG’s, we headed over to Papa Bruce & Kathy’s house. We enjoyed food and lots of good laughs with family. Addie scored a beautiful play kitchen from Papa Bruce & Kathy along with lots of accessories for it. She seriously plays in her kitchen all the time. In fact, the other day Bryan was in her playroom with her and she walked up to the microwave, opened it, closed it, poked the control panel while making a “boop” sound, and walked away humming. After a few seconds she went back and did the routine again. I can’t believe how much she learns and models from us!

Microwaving dinner like her mommy! (She still can't figure out what the pots, pans, and burners are for.)

Addie also loves this little “Olivia” Jack in the Box she got from Grandma Kathy.

It's amazing how it startles both Addie and I just as much the 20th time as it did the first time!

Addie went to Grandma and Grandpa K’s house Christmas night to sleep over. We forgot to take a picture there, but here’s a picture of Addie with her new Elmo Piano book. She loves watching the keys light up as the songs play!

Addie's Elmo Piano book is her current favorite literary hit. 🙂

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Christmas Eve 2011

When my dad tells me it’s been too long since I last updated my blog, I know I must be really neglecting it.  It’s Christmas Eve and Addison is running around the living room alternating between jumping on Nixon and playing with her two newest toys-her Dora guitar and a dancing baby doll.  Both are rediculously loud toys without a volume control option.  This, I’m sure, is why they’re a hit. However, this is a great evening at home with family. Bryan has even lit the fireplace, which Addie is finding quite entertaining. What a sweet time with family. 🙂

Here’s the new dancing doll…

We had Bryan’s side Family Christmas last weekend. We went to his parents and had a family meal and gift exchange. We had a lot of fun and Addie snagged an awesome gift from Grandma and Grandpa K… A 4-wheeler!!! Addie really likes it and so do all of our friend’s kids that have been over. Check it out.

Our “big gift” to Addie this year was a trampoline. We couldn’t keep it a secret anymore and let her try it out Wednesday night. This video is from her first jump. 🙂

We’re excited for tomorrow. We’re going to GG’s house in the morning and then to Papa Bruce & Kathy’s in the afternoon. I promise to post more pictures, and to not wait another 3 months to do it.

I was going to post the family Christmas picture on here. Unfortunately, I can’t get it on my computer right now. So, instead I’m going to leave you with two random pictures from this week.

This is Addie taking a night time bottle, while using Nixon as her chair. She’s reaching back and scratching behind his ear. They’re a great pair!!

And here is Nixon, sleeping in front of the fireplace.

Okay, and while I was searching for those pictures on my computer, I found this one… How could I resist?

And that, Dad, is my blog update.

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I love, love, love this kid!

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Swinging with Grandma Gale

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Vacation Agenda: Learn to Walk


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